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DJ builds the finest CT-70s on the planet.  Starting with the frame, the decision is made early if the bike is going to be a 3-speed or a 4-speed. That is important because the VIN numbers on the frame must be correct for the model of bike being built (numbers matching). Only the highest quality, straight frames are used and DJ repairs any small imperfections, like re-welding the receiving nuts inside the frame, so all components bolt on the way they are supposed to.


Then, we sand blast the frame both INSIDE and OUTSIDE so whether you choose the paint or powder coat options, the quality of our work will last another 40 years!

Paint: We use only House of Color paint in three original colors: Candy Emerald Green, Candy Ruby Red, Candy Sapphire Blue

Powder Coat: We use a 3-stage, multi-coat application to get EXTREMELY close to the above 3 colors, but we can also offer a wide variety of other custom colors if desired.

Chrome Parts

We have a large list of chrome parts available. Most of these are original parts that have been re-chromed and look like brand-new!
  1. Chrome Headlight Bucket for the models with a separate headlight from the speedometer.
  2. Chrome Speedometer Mount for same models
  3. Chrome Engine Guard with Spark Plug Chrome Shield
  4. Chrome Handle Bars
  5. Chrome Lower Fork Tubes - KO Models
  6. Chrome Fork Rings - K1 Models
  7. Chrome Seat Hinge (both pieces)
  8. Chrome Brake Levers (front/back)
  9. Chrome Fenders (front/back)
  10. Chrome Tail Light Bracket
  11. Chrome Brake Stay (on rear swing arm)
  12. Chrome Rims with Chrome Bolts (very special)
  13. Chrome Clutch Cover (4 speed)
  14. Chrome Adjustable Rear Shocks (2)
  15. Chrome Foot Brake Pedal & Components (rod, light activator, etc)
  16. Chrome Luggage Rack
  17. Chrome Oil Dip Stick
  18. Chrome Fuel Tank Hold Down


              Powder Coated Parts

  1. Foot Peg Mount (gloss black)
  2. Kick Stand (gloss black)
  3. Air Box (gloss black)
  4. Seat Latch (gloss black)
  5. Battery Box (gloss black)
  6. Frames & Other Components (contact us)

Polished Aluminum Parts

  1. Polished Wheel Hubs (front/back)
  2. Polished Center Cases (main)
  3. Polished Clutch Side Case (3 speed or 4 speed)
  4. Polished Flywheel Side Case & Cover
  5. Polished Head & Components (cam cover, valve covers, etc)
  6. Polished Cylinder (part of the 88cc kit upgrade)
  7. Polished Intake Manifold
  8. Polished Carburetor (including rebuild & tuning to your application)
  9. Polished Shifter (custom, aftermarket spring loaded...very special)
  10. Polished Brake Hub Covers (front/back)
  11. Polished Handle Bar Clamp
  12. Polished Rear Chain Sprocket

Special Options
  1. CDI Ignition System - no points, no condenser...never needs adjustment. No modification needed to engine. Bolts right on . Replaces entire stator assembly.

  2. 88cc Kit - cylinder, piston, cam, springs, valve job, carb rebuild and tune (re-jetted).

  3. Carburetor Rebuild - I put new seals, gaskets, screen and tune the Carb to make your bike run well again. Bead blast or polish carb case.

  4. Stainless Steel Allen Bolt Kit - engine, body, fenders, battery box, fuel tank, chrome engine guard, etc. I have allens to replace all cross-head screws and most hex head screws. I have every size needed.

  5. Gold Chain - durability and looks. Stronger than stock.


The frame is then put on a stand, so all component parts and decals can be applied. Great care is taken at EVERY STAGE of the building process to ensure that each part is installed correctly without causing scratching, damage to the paint or any other defect.

This service is also available if you want to do the re-assembly yourself.

    Special Options

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